Past participants

Past participants came from various industries:

  • Financial services industry (among others the Reserve Bank)
  • Motor industry
  • Quality assurance bodies
  • International technology services
  • Mental health services (eg., psychologists)
  • Those wishing to enter the coaching profession
  • Industrial psychologists, HR and OD practitioners
  • Ministry or community leaders

What participants are after?

  • Corporates who understand the value of people, invest in the growth and ability of people by sending leaders, managers and teams leads.
  • Business explore coaching as a modality or skill set for managers to optimise efficiency in a VUCA world.
  • Professional individuals seek to enlarge their scope of practice to include coaching.
  • Executives consider coaching as a means to continue to ad value in ongoing consulting after they formally leave the workplace.
  • Ministry and community leaders seek formal recognition who by the nature of their work have for many years been doing facilitation, coaching, mentoring informally.