This website is the home of the Advanced Programme in Personal and Corporate Coaching. This is not just any coaching programme. The programme was conceptualised by Dr Elmo Pienaar during a postgraduate research fellowship at the University of Pretoria and is now nearly a decade in operation. It has a deliberate focus on several strategic objectives. Hence, our stakeholders include the University of Pretoria Enterprises, Telling Outcomes consultancy, Centre of Contextual Ministry (University of Pretoria).

The programme offers no fewer than four initial foundational modules. Foundational training is the kind of training through which one enters any professional helping field. However, being an advanced programme it takes delegates (those who do the complete porgramme) through basic to advanced ideas in the field. It covers a whole range of perspectives and models as it furthermore weaves social, psychological and spiritual well-being into the imperative of growth of the person, the team or community, and organisation.