Get ready for your transformational coach or mentor training journey

Get more from life, work, faith, play, relationships, business by being intentional. This website is the home of the advanced programme for personal and corporate coaching and workshops, seminars and other learning journeys based on it.

The advanced programmes covers range of contexts and approaches including life coaching and leadership coaching. Other areas and topics include behavioural-, performance-, and even conversations about transpersonal coaching (related to workplace spirituality and faith as informed by research).

The Advanced Programme in Personal and Corporate Coaching is a collaboration with the University of Pretoria Enterprises since 2012.

Most modules also serve as short courses and interested persons can join the advanced programme with any of the four modules.

Our partners

University of Pretoria Enterprises

Voluntary accountability association

Centre for faith and community

For ministry professionals

Extensive approaches

Past participants

Past participants came from various industries:

  • Financial services industry (among others the Reserve Bank)
  • Motor industry
  • Quality assurance bodies
  • International technology services
  • Mental health services (eg., psychologists)
  • Those wishing to enter the coaching profession
  • Industrial psychologists, HR and OD practitioners
  • Ministry or community leaders

Why they enrol

  • Corporates who understand the value of people, invest in the growth and ability of people by sending leaders, managers and team-leads.
  • Business explore coaching as a modality or skill set for managers to optimise efficiency in a VUCA world.
  • Professional individuals seek to enlarge their scope of practice.
  • Executives consider it as a means to continue to ad value in ongoing consulting after they formally leave the workplace.
  • Ministry and community leaders seek formal recognition who by the nature of their work have for many years been doing similar work as it also relates to for instance facilitation or mentoring.

All relevant information about the advanced programme or any of its modules that can be taken as short courses can be accessed from the course page. Please note significant discount for doing the advanced programme as opposed to the modules as short courses. We have also provided for special rates in certain situations and for certain audiences. This makes the programme accessible for public benefit organisations that might not otherwise be exposed to the value of coaching in bringing about sustainable transformational change.