The programme was conceptualised by Dr Elmo Pienaar from Telling Outcomes during a postgraduate research fellowship at the University of Pretoria and is now nearly a decade in operation.

We are confident that this is not just any coaching programme, considering a great many offerings.

At the time very few formal courses, especially in relation to university partners were offered. Part of the fellowship involved looking at what is available and get a sense of ethical frameworks helping professions operate from.

This programme gives an honest view of coaching stripped of all the hype. Part of the intention is for aspiring coaches and helping practitioners in general (including managers and leaders) to understand the different perspectives and paradigms that different schools of thought believe lead to change in people.

Participants doing the full programme (all four modules) will experience both very practical models but will be challenged to understand the assumptions that different models hold about people, organisations, and the world we live in.

The programme offers no fewer than four initial foundational modules. Foundational training is the kind of training through which one enters any professional helping field.

Being an advanced programme it takes delegates (those who do the complete porgramme) through basic to advanced ideas in the field.

It covers a range of perspectives and models as it furthermore weaves social, psychological and spiritual well-being into the imperative of growth of the person, the team or community, and organisation.

Dr Elmo Pienaar coaching training and organisational health

Dr Elmo Pienaar (Programme leader)

Consulting around stories and habits that shape our families, teams and organisations.